We picked up little Ricky and Lucy when they were 8 months old. We had been in contact with NASTONE PARROTS CLUB months before that, so we always knew how our parrots were doing. The most important thing for us in picking a breeder was that the birds were well taken care of, that the quality and health of the birds were the most important thing. Our little ones are healthy, happy, and a joy. Hopefully we will be able to get another little bird from “NASTON PARROTS HOME!

“I’m so happy I found “NASTON PARROTS HOME”…There are so many breeders that don’t care about what they are doing and just use their birds as source of income, and we (Jozie and I) could have easily been stuck with a sickly, inbred, Parrot with a bad disposition. It is hard to find someone who actually cares, and takes the time to do things right. I don’t particularly care if my birds are “perfect” or “show quality”, I just want happy, healthy companions-unfortunately cute “parrot pictures” don’t tell the whole story. I would highly recommend visiting the “NASTON PARROTS HOME” web page.
Jozie from Portland

“Our family was so thankful when we found “NASTON PARROTS HOME! Words cannot express how excited we were when we finally found out about the day we would drive 3 hours away to pick him up. We always say ” we cannot live our lives without a parrot” and it is so true! Pudge is a little parrot with a human inside. He is precious, hilarious, and absolutely gorgeous! We will be forever grateful as we enjoy our little gift that gives us endless laughs. Thank you for all of your care, compassion, and devotion to all of the adorable parrots that you have placed within so many families, bringing us wonderful memories for years to come.”
Hernandez From Puerto Rico.

Mr Darcy and Jane are the loves of my husband’s and my life. We had never owned a bird before meeting “NASTON PARROTS HOME”. They answered all our questions and was frankly modest about how delightful her birds are. We go everywhere with our parrots and they never fail to attract a crowd. It is hard to resist these sweet, charming, affectionate parrots. Every day is improved by their personalities. Thank you “NASTON PARROTS HOME”
Greg S. From Billings, MT

“I would 100% recommend NASTON PARROTS HOME, I live in San Diego, CA and Loving made sure that my parrot arrived to me safe and VERY healthy. I have the best bird in the world and have her to “thank”. What a GREAT breeder that takes great care of her parrots.”
Sally and Terry

Everyone who sees the parrot ( Lulu) i got from NASTON PARROTS HOME falls in love. My vet was extremely impressed with the care and the socialization that the parrot had received while living with Jessie ,If you are looking for a healthy well adjusted beautiful parrot then you have found the breeder to buy from. Thank you so much we love him. Melissa.
Melissa , NYC

“My name is Jessica I live in Malaysia. My husband and I were very leary about purchasing a parrot off of the internet simply because you just don’t Know if you will get what you paid for. Kanjana communicated with us often via phone and internet we felt very comfortable with her so we made the purchase let me tell you…………. We now have the most beautiful, sweetest, loving Scarlet Macaw parrot in the world! She is only 11 months old and has learned Many tricks she is Very Smart and learns very quickly how to talk. “We Absolutely Adore her”. She is perfect for our Family. She is healthy, playful very active and oh, so sweet and loving.” Can say little words already like hihih—-hellooooo.
Jessica and William

I bought Murphy some months ago, He is great. He is very sweet and mild mannered, but can be very friendly and playful when appropriate. Living in New York, he was people-socialized about 15 min after we took him outside for the first time, since nearly everyone stops toogle and pet him. We are introducing him to other parrots and pets as much as possible, and so far he plays appropriately with them without any aggression or (much) fear. Thanks

Thank you martin for our precious baby girl Morgan. She exceeded my expectations. From start to finish all communication was professional and all went smoothly.

I just wanted to drop you a letter and let you know how thankful I am to you for helping us complete our family with our lil angel, Olly. He has settled in and bonded to us all quite well. I’ve had a lot of different breeds and this is my first African Grey Parrot. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on!!! He is the most perfect, sweet loveable little pet.Thanks alot Kanjana