About Us

Our History

Our History,or,to start with, I should say my history,with parrots goes back to about 2005. I, like most people that got into parrots,started with one. I began with a wild-caught male Moluccan Cockatoo that i bought from a quarantine station. I am an animal lover, and with perseverance and patience, I was bale to tame him. Next i bought a female Moluccan and tamed her. At the time, I was single supporting my familing and holding a full time job, and breedig angelfish. I decided that I favored the female cockatoo and decided to sell the male. I sold him at a profit, and this started the ball rolling. I found a home for the female Moluccan, and used the money to buy more wild-caught birds. In the next couple of years, I found that i could buy wild birds and train them as pets to help support my family and the parrots that i had accumulated. Within a year my collection of parrots had increased to over 30, and i no longer had time for both fish and birds. I decided to sell all of my fish. The birds had become my fascination.
Through taming and training the wild birds, I learned about parrot psychology. It never ceased to amaze me that parrots had been mistreated and roughly handled during quarantine and capture, could learn to trust humans. Because of my love them, and my lack of fear, wild African Greys would allow me to pet them within 15 minutes. I tamed, and i gained the trust of,totally wild Macaws,Cockatoos and Greys that most people called “Broncos”, and would not have attempted to tame. I suppose my lack of fear helped to reassure them. I never used gloves because i felt that i had to give my trust to gain theirs. Within a couple of years, by using charge cards and selling some of the birds I had tamed, I was able to increase my flock to over 1– parrots of various species.
In August of 2006, i had an electrical house fire. I lost all but 30 of 119 birds. The experience was traumatic. I blamed myself for their death and almost decided to give up. I still owed for most of the birds that i had lost, and wasn’t making enough at my job to pay for them and support my family. After i got over the initial shock of the fire, i realized that i couldn’t just quit. That would have meant defeat, and i refused to be defeated. Insurance didn’t pay for any of the birds lost, but it did pay for losses of belongings and contents of the house. Instead of replacing all of the household losses, i used some of the insurance payment to buy more birds, but this time most of my purchases were for breeding stock. I secured a five-year home equity loan to buy my first of Hyacinths.

In November 2006, my birds lay in total 11 eggs and I followed the advice from other parrot owners, bought an incubator took very good care of the birds till they finally hatched. My first experience of handling a day old parrot was weird but since i loved them so much i did everything i could in order for them to survive. After the first experience of hatching, it then became so easy for me to handle eggs until they finally turn into a full grown parrots. My wife and our 2 kids helped me in raising these birds by hand feeding them,cuddling etc.
I got connected to bird shows were i got knowledge of training birds to talk. From 2006 till date, my knowledge with parrots escalated and i now know so much about them so much so that just at a sight of one, i can tell what is wrong with it. After my first hatch, i stopped buying parrots from quarantine stations but brought up those that i hatch by myself in order to cross contaminate our babies with any diseases.

Why We’re Different

Choosing a parrot breeder can be a difficult decision, and not one to be taken lightly.
It’s a decision that can be affected by many factors like reputation, trust, or recommendations.

We are different because…
We place you, our customer, at the heart of our business and think that our customers deserve the best possible pet parrot.

K & K Farms is a small home aviary and we are still in process of getting incorporated by the government but we already have our breeder license. Caring, breeding, and raising parrots is what we focus on every day, all day.

We are continuously investing in quality breeding stock and specialize in rare endangered CITES 1 species.

All our birds are DNA tested and have their shots up to date.

We invest in our facilities to ensure all our birds have the best possible environment and diet.

We openly offer our 10 years of knowledge and information so our customers can make an informative decision on which parrot species best suits their life style.

We offer continuous support and encourage our clients to call us and discuss any questions they may have.

All baby parrots are hand fed and raised in our home nursery. Our nursery is situated in our living quarters so babies are constantly in our view and are exposed to a home environment, creating an emotionally healthy, well socialized pet.

All baby parrots we offer are from breeding pairs we own. We never buy and resell other people’s babies to ensure we do not cross contaminate our flock or babies with any diseases.

Whether you pick up your baby personally or have it securely shipped to you, we ensure you have all the information required to give your baby what it needs for the best possible transition.